12 Must-Have Items for Everyday

12 Must-Have Items for Everyday

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 Apart from handbags, there are some items that make your life easier. Today we discuss 12 items that belong in your everyday bag.
External charger
1.External charger
Being connected is important these days. Not only because we need our smart phones to work, to get in touch with friends and family, but also for safety reasons. Keep a charged external charger with you at all times. This way you can make sure your phone will always be charged, in case of emergencies.

Music or podcasts can make long commute seem shorter. Headphones are a must for busy girls who love her privacy. If you haven’t yet, try the Stitcher app where there are thousands of podcasts for you to choose. Or if you love to read but don’t have much time, try Blinkist app, where they condense interesting books for you into just a few minutes. This way you can hear about new books when you are on the go. And if you find something you like you can always read it later.
3.Small clutches to keep your things organized – Sealed with a Kiss Clutch
It’s a good idea to keep smaller things like cosmetics or car key in a small clutch. Our Sealed with a Kiss clutch is chic enough for you to carry as a clutch as well.
4.Spray-on Sunscreen
We are all told that we should re-apply our sunscreen every two hours. But it’s not that easy to do especially for busy girls like you. A spray-on sunscreen is another quick and easy to apply option.
 5.Solid Perfume
Another good choice of perfume for women with on-the-go lifestyle. You can dab a bit of perfume on all day. And it’s lightweight enough to carry all day.
6.A Book
Sometimes when we have downtime, we reach for our phones. Sometimes it’s just browsing through facebook or playing games. What about carrying a small book with you? We recommend Outlier – one of our favorite books. If you haven’t read give it a try. 😉

A scarf can spice up your outfit, as well as keeping you warm during the cold. Plus it doesn’t take up much space in your handbag.

8.Cute umbrella

During rainy season, it’s always a good idea to keep a small umbrella with you at all times. There are many options of small, super lightweight umbrellas. Even though Borboleta bags are waterproof, an additional protection doesn’t hurt. 😉
9.Daily Organizer
Yes, we know that now you can keep all our appointments in your phone or google reminder. But sometimes it’s a good idea to be able to jot down appointments, or notes during the day. A good old fashion organizer might be a good idea for some.

Another lightweight but practical item to keep in your handbag. Perhaps you’ll need it all of a sudden after wearing your chic new shoes for the first time.

11.Sugar-free breath mint or mouth freshener
You’ll never know who you’ll run into after a good spicy lunch or if you’ll have to sit next to someone at an afternoon meeting.

12.Bright-colored lipstick
Some days you may not feel like putting on full makeup. Never underestimate the power of bright, colorful lipsticks. You can easily and quickly transform your looks with a good lipstick.

What do you think about these items? Do you have any that you always carry around? Anything else we haven’t mentioned but you can’t live without? Please share! We’d love to hear from you!
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