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Once upon a time

There was a bag

Who loved to travel the world

But she ran into two troubles

One was not looking chic enough

To be treading the most glamorous cities

Two was having enough pockets

To organize her sh*t

So she turned to her designer friend

Who was happy to help

The friend turned her into a chic, pretty bag

And added a ton of pockets

Now the bag is happy and ready

To be back on her feet


Meet the bag and her friends

Meet the designer friend:


Growing up in a multi-cultural household, with her dad form Boston and her mom from Bangkok, Veronica got her early start in traveling, splitting her time between the two countries. After graduating from University of Maryland College Park with a degree in Linguistics and Communications, she spent the following 7 years in the nonprofit and educational sector. During that time she traveled to 20+ countries and carried with her the bags she designed and made by herself to fit the lifestyle of travelers. Positive feedback from families, friends, and even strangers, made her make a career switch and went back to school for a fashion design diploma at the Chanapatana International Design Institute (in collaboration with Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy). She received her master’s degree from Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing in Florence, Italy.  She started Borboleta (meaning Butterfly in Portuguese) in 2012 to share with like-minded people her designs. Veronica now lives in Florenec, Italy.

Borboleta is serving happy customers around the world, roughly 65% of clients are from the US, 20% from Asia, 10% from Europe and 5% from the middle east.

Veronica believes that we are all travelers in life, whether it’s a trip to the local grocery store or a stroll in Paris, women need bags that are chic, lightweight, multi-functional, and have lots of pockets for super organization.


Countless people suffer from back and shoulder pain from carrying heavy bags. Every Borboleta bag is lightweight, from canvas bags (approximately 300 grams / 0.6 lbs.) to leather bags (approximately 650 grams / 1.4 lbs.).


You love your bags to be unique, as well as roomy and practical. Borboleta bags have 4-10 pockets (depending on the style) to keep things organized, include back zippers for easy access, and the bags to be convertible. To add a luxury touch, Borboleta uses signature zip pullers and hardware. All the materials are handpicked for the best quality. The canvas totes are customizable, which makes them more uniquely yours.

Fair Prices:

With our direct-to-consumer strategy, we can cut down the middleman fees and offer you fair and affordable price, while keeping the high quality of the bags.

Ethical Production:

With the news about horrible working conditions for factory workers in Bangladesh and China, it is important we are informed of the working conditions of the things we use. All Borboleta bags are produced in our own ethical production facility,in a city called the “City of Lotus” in the suburb of Bangkok, Thailand. All of our makers have at least 15+ years of experience in production. You can be sure that all Borboleta bags have the highest quality and our makers are working in a happy, comfortable place with good benefits.

Giving Back:

Veronica is a 2004 Tsunami survivor and a volunteer on the scene. She founded the Ocean of Wisdom Foundation in 2007 (OWF) with a mission to improve the lives of underprivileged students in Thailand. She has been raising funds to sponsor many projects since then. A part of the proceeds from Borboleta goes to funding OWF projects.