Bags glossary

Bags are essential when it comes to completing an outfit. Whether you pair them with a dress or with a pair of jeans and a jacket, they complete the look and make it look perfect. Moreover, since there are so many choices and a plethora of options, it becomes difficult to remember the types of bags. Bags are truly necessities since they are so helpful for keeping all your money and important supplies. Furthermore, a bag looks stylish and acts as an effortlessly stunning fashion piece. A good bag is one which does not only fulfil your fashionable needs but also ensures that the design is practical and well- organized. If you’re looking for a purse which will suit your requirements, worry not! Our glossary will clear all your doubts. Make sure that you find an inseparable one for yourself! Our Glossary would help you to understand how these bags can be worn and what they are called. Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Table of content:

  1. What is a crossbody bag?
  2. What do you call purses that go across your chest?
  3. What defines a purse?
  4. What is a tote bag used for?
  5. Why is it called a purse?
  6. What are the different types of purses?
  7. What is a clutch bag?
  8. What is a sling bag?
  9. Is a purse a bag?
  10. What size is a tote bag?
  11. What’s the difference between a tote and a purse?
  12. What’s the difference between a handbag and a purse?
  13. How long is the strap on a crossbody purse?
  14. How do you carry a tote bag?
  15. What are purses with long straps called?
  16. What are small bags called?
  17. How do I choose a handbag?
  18. What is a bucket bag?
  19. What is a side purse called?
  20. What is the difference between a satchel, tote and hobo?

What is a crossbody bag?

What is a crossbody 


Crossbody Bags are the recently trending bags. Not only amongst school goers but also among some of the popular names in the fashion industry. Crossbody bags, as the name suggests, are supposed to be worn with one side strapped across your chest. They’re definitely a lot more useful when you’re going out on a trip where you need to move a lot. They are extremely practical when you go hiking or other adventurous activities.

What do you call purses that go across your chest?

What do you call purses 

that go across your chest?

Purses that go across your chest are called Crossbody bags. They’re extremely practical and versatile. Wear them with a dress or with your casual outfit or even wear it to complete your formal look.

What defines a purse?

What defines a purse?

A purse, in simple terms, is a small bag in which you can keep all your money or other smaller, compact objects which can fit inside it. A purse is versatile and gives you the ease to effortlessly find money in one place without fishing in your bag.

What is a tote bag used for?

What is a tote bag used 


A tote bag is essentially derived from the word tote. Tote means “to carry”. Therefore, a tote bag is a large, spacious bag which provides ample space to keep your things. Tote bags have been used since the past few centuries but have been popularized quite recently. They can be made up of a variety of materials, be it canvas, or jute, or faux leather. They come in various shapes and a number of designs to choose from. Over the past several years, they have transformed from the basic bags to top-notch, stunning bags. A tote bag can be extremely practical for college goers to keep all their notebooks and stationery supplies. A number of brands have started making conveniently spacious bags which have replaced smaller, impractical bags. Today, we have a plethora of large, stylish tote bags which are available in different designs, textured fabric, patterns, and of course, too many colors. You can go for beautiful detailing or different sorts of artwork or embroidery on tote bags as well. Each piece has its own unique identity. Tote bags can be used to keep diapers, laptop, shopping necessities, craft supplies, gym clothes and so much more.

Why is it called a purse?

Why is it called a 


Purses were originally called pocketbooks, particularly because they were small books which women could carry around and keep their notes and other essentials. A pocketbook was intended to be carried along and it was used to store papers, money, bills etc. Therefore, a purse was originally a small, tiny bag for keeping your coins. Later on, it started being used by women to keep their utilities such as snacks, makeup, important documents etc. A purse has straps which make it look like a bag, sometimes, it may even possess no straps, which is why it’s then called a clutch. A purse carried by men is called a satchel or a man purse. Purses are now more of a fashion accessory which is designed fashionably.

What are the different types of purses?

What are the different 

types of purses?

There are a number of types of purses which are as follows:

  • The Crossbody Bag: A crossbody bag, as previously mentioned is a bag which has a strap going across your body. This kind of bag allows you to move freely without the bag putting any restrictions on your hand movements. Crossbody bags can be made up of different materials and come in several styles as well. The straps, too, can be composed of faux leather, canvas, or even chunky chains. You can always customize a crossbody bag according to your requirements. What’s great is the fact that these bags allow room for movement and you can carry them even on adventure-filled trips. The bag itself can be of any size, be it big or small. Crossbody bags are more efficient when it comes to keeping your supplies and utilities.
  • The Hobo Bag: A hobo bag is a kind of a cartoon-inspired bag. Essentially, it was inspired by the homeless in cartoons which tied a piece of clothing to sticks in which the cartoon used to keep his stuff. This gained popularity super quickly as designers started to make hobo bags which were in the crescent shape. They started being used as they offer a room of space to stash your supplies. Furthermore, the loose shape allowed a lot of things to be kept in the bag. Hobo bags are now made up of a variety of fabrics and different materials which allow them to transform any look into a stylish one. They have a great sense of style in accordance with versatility and comfort.
  • The Messenger Bag: The messenger bag has its own place in history, particularly because it provides great versatility of use. The extremely useful design is such that designers started to incorporate this classy design into their own bags to give it a modern, contemporary look. The messenger bag is usually made up of sturdy material, such as faux leather, canvas etc. which gives the messenger bag a compact look. It usually has a flap with buttons or clasps to keep your stuff safe and secure. It can be worn as a crossbody going across your chest or simply hung onto one side. It gives a very formal and neat look, moreover, the cuboidal shape of the bag ensures that it is good for carrying notebooks, laptops, or other documents.
  • The Satchel: A Satchel is a very versatile purse which can be used by both men and women as a messenger bag. These bags have a very trendy look which allows them to be worn with all sorts of outfits. Some of the designs even come with detachable straps to turn it into a small purse. This one is one of the sturdy bags of the lot since it provides the perfect shape to hold all your important documents and necessary stuff. Satchels are usually made up of leather or canvas, or even some other rigid material in some cases. Having a flat bottom, they ensure to keep your stuff secure at all times. Satchels are preferred by several designers who have decided to take it further by designing luxurious versions of these bags. If comfort and fashion combined are your thing, this bag can be a perfect choice for you.
  • The Saddle Bag. The saddle bag can be identified as having a very flexible built. It is often made out of leather and has a very vintage, classic look to it. It often has a crossbody strap but it can be worn otherwise as well. A lot of detailing is given to the bag to ensure that it looks feminine and chic.
  • The Bucket Bag. As the name suggests, it was originally made to keep bottles. Later, it was transformed into a much-modern counterpart. It can be of various sizes, but the shape always ensures there is enough space in the bag. The spacious bag and sturdy frame ensure that it is perfect to carry almost anything. It might come with a crossbody strap to ensure that your hands stay free. Sometimes it might have clasps and straps to add a stunning look to it.
  • The Handbag. This is probably one of the most common bags available in the market. It has been around for ages and is perfect to store all your necessities. There are different closures that it might come with such as clasps, buckles, zips etc. There are several sleek and sturdy versions of the bag which are popular among women of all ages. It is perfect for any casual or formal event.
  • The Foldover Purse. The foldover purse is one of the most versatile handbags, as it can take any shape of your choice. By unfolding it, you can transform it into a larger bag. This is perfect for those who don’t want to spend money on different kinds of bags and want to use the utilitarian feature. If making statements everywhere you go is something you like to do then this bag is the perfect choice for you. This bag gives you the perfect opportunity to keep storing your stuff if you feel the need to do so.

What is a clutch bag?

What is a clutch bag?

A clutch bag, as the name suggests, is a bag which can be clutched or held with one hand. They are called so because they are strapless. While they are very compact in size and look very fashionable, it lacks in functionality. The clutch needs to be held at all times which is why it is not quite practical. But if you don’t mind that, it can be a very trendy accessory. A clutch can also be a good choice if you want a smaller bag which you can carry around. Clutches can go well with ethnic outfits as well as western attires. The varieties have increased when it comes to clutches.

What is a sling bag?

What is a sling bag?

Sling bags as the name suggests are bags which sling to one side of your body. A strap is attached to the bag. Sling bags come in a number of styles and various sizes which is why they’re quite perfect for travelling and keeping your essential stuff. The design of the bag is so unique that it is perfect for any occasion. Considering the fact that they can be worn by men as well, it is true that sling bags can be customized and modified. Men can pair sling bags with jeans to complete a casual look. Slings are easy to carry anywhere given the compact and small size.

Is a purse a bag?

Is a purse a bag?

Yes, the word “purse” is used to refer to a smaller-sized bag which is used by women to store their money and important stuff. Comparatively, a handbag is a larger counterpart which is used to hold objects, including money. Regardless of that fact, a purse is a bag which efficiently holds coins and other items. North Americans use the term purse to refer to a handbag.

What size is a tote bag?

What size is a tote 


A tote bag is a spacious and very large bag. As mentioned earlier, it is a bag with enough room to keep all your things. It can be particularly fashionable if you want to run your errands and make a fashion statement regardless. Tote bags are usually made up of faux leather, canvas and a number of other materials. They are a lot more than basic bags now. Usually, Tote Bags are usually of the dimension 285mm x 300mm but they can be even bigger or smaller, depending on the tote bag.

What’s the difference between a tote and a purse?

What's the difference 

between a tote and a purse?

A purse and a tote bag are usually not very different. The only significant difference would be in the structure of the bag. Originally, both of them were very different but now the difference has reduced. A tote bag might be a bit larger with a free- flowing structure to keep all your stuff. It is usually made up of cloth and has two handles. There are no pockets in the bag. It is made to carry your things around. Generally, a purse is much smaller and can be used to carry your documents, money, makeup and things you’d need otherwise. With the increase in purses which are almost the size of tote bags, the only difference remains in the structure of the bag. Both of them now allow you to carry a number of things on a daily basis.

What’s the difference between a handbag and a purse?

What's the difference 

between a handbag and a purse?

A handbag is a comparatively larger bag which can be carried anywhere you like. It can be used as an accessory to the office, dinner dates, outings, and fun-filled trips. Handbags have more room to keep your essential necessities and have long straps which are sturdy and hefty. Handbags can be carried on your shoulders. A Purse is a very generic term which is used to refer to clutches or even a coin pouch. Purses are usually smaller in size and not much can fit inside them. They are compact and travel-friendly.

If you’ve been looking for the right choice for your outfit, be sure to choose a bag which is comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Be it a party dress or a formal outfit, they offer you ample choice in terms of pattern, color, style and of course, size!

How long is the strap on a crossbody purse?

How long is the strap on a crossbody purse?

Crossbody bags are bags which go across the body. These bags have lengthy straps which are generally of 40-50 inches in length. They can be worn across your body or over your shoulders, depending on the movement allowance you want. This kind of purse allows enough room for movement and you can indulge in all sorts of adventure-filled activities at any time. You can even wear it so that the strap sits on your shoulder and while the bag goes across your body and stays put near your waist. This style is the most prominent one as it does not only allow the bag to remain secure but it also allows you to travel in busy areas. Moreover, it provides immense comfort along with the right amount of glamour.

How do you carry a tote bag?

How do you carry a tote 


There are a number of ways in which you can wear a tote bag. Since a tote bag is rather large when it comes to size, it is used to store a bunch of items together in one place. It can be worn over the shoulder and clutched with one arm. This keeps the other hand free to run errands and gives you the flexibility to do your own thing. This way, it also looks like an accessory rather than a utility. It can also be carried with one hand, although the bag needs to be light to flaunt this style. You can even carry it in the crook of your elbow to show off a very sassy and chic look. Tote bags definitely show a bohemian-style side of yours and ensure that you look amazing while still holding onto all your important supplies. Even if your bag does not have long straps, you can attach crossbody straps to wear it as per your requirements. This way you could make the most of the versatility of the bag.

What are purses with long straps called?

What are purses with 

long straps called?

Small purses with long straps are called sling bags. These bags are designed in such a way so that you can move your hands and keep all your important stuff in one place. Being extremely small, they can store your money, important documents, a few makeup essentials etc. Generally, these purses can’t store too much stuff.

What are small bags called?

What are small bags 


Small purses which are generally the size of your palm or a mini purse are called Coin Purses. As the name suggests, they are used specifically to store coins. Carrying change in your purse can be a cumbersome task which is why coin purses make it a lot easier for you to carry coins around. They are usually carried inside other bags which are bigger in comparison. Regardless of that, coin purses look absolutely adorable and can be a great gift for kids.

How do I choose a handbag?

How do I choose a 


Choosing a handbag can be a daunting task. Handbags are essential accessories which truly complete a look which is why they’re more of an investment when it comes to it. While looking for the perfect bag, you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just one style. When there’s a variety to choose from, make sure that you make the most of it.

Determining the quality of the bag: A handbag should always be sturdy enough to store all your stuff without breaking or tearing apart. While looking for the perfect bag, you must ascertain how strong the bag is. See the seam and how it is stitched. You would be carrying it around everywhere and it would be devastating if it doesn’t make it through the day. Ascertain the quality of the bag. Generally, cotton, jute and leather bags are very hefty and perfect for long-term usage. You should not be settling for anything less than flawless. You’d obviously want to make a statement with a bag, but for doing so, you must invest in a good-quality bag.

Choosing the material: Faux Leather is perfect if you’re on a budget, it has the same texture as leather and is significantly lesser in price. It is also great because it doesn’t fade or rip easily, making it perfect for everyday usage. If you’re someone who spends the day out, then cotton might not be suitable as it is not water resistant. Choosing the material according to your requirements can be extremely helpful. That is what makes a bag worth the investment. If you want to keep it chic, a saddle bag can be a good choice.

Pattern and Colors: There are so many colors to choose from that it makes it difficult to choose from so many. Always opt for something that suits your personality and is versatile. Multifaceted colors can be paired with almost any outfit. Choose from classy black bags with golden studs or nude ones with fringes. These can go well with any outfit. Dresses, jeans, top – you name it. A good handbag can compliment any outfit. You can even choose from different patterns. Tie-dye bags are particularly perfect for the summer.

Keep structure in your mind: There could be numerous styles that appeal to your mind. A structured handbag is a perfect idea, particularly because it stays put despite all the everyday wear and tear that it will face. Moreover, it will retain its shape no matter where you put it. Plus, such bags can be worn on formal occasions as well. Be sure to play with different styles given that there are several shapes such as box bags, sleek clutches, bucket bags etc. to choose from.

Avoid the saggy handbags to ensure that your entire outfit looks chic and trendy. Freeform bags can only be good for casual occasions such as a lunch date, grocery shopping, for the beach etc.

Avoid bags which have large prints. Prints come and go every season which is why determining whether a bag will make it through the test of time is a big deal. You can go for statement bags with studs, beads or other embellishments, but avoid larger prints and patterns which would look over the top. Thinking about the long run is the way to go. To add to that, a subtle look is always better than something that screams for attention.

Minimal bling: While it is important to have a little bling every now and then, focus on bags that portray “less is more”. Even though a bag may be utterly stunning, it will go out of style and may seem too much after the first few times that you wear it. If you want a bag that you can take to your workplace or elsewhere every day, go for something with lesser hardware. When it comes to durability, simple is the right option for you. Keep the upkeep in mind as well. High-maintenance bags must be avoided at all costs.

What is a bucket bag?

What is a bucket bag?

You may always ask yourself when you hear the word, ‘bucket bag’ if it is actually a bucket. Well, you’re right. Almost right. As the name suggests, Bucket Bags are the newest trends in the market which have been inspired by actual buckets. What motivated designers is probably the idea that buckets can carry as many things as you want and Voila! There you have it; A bucket-shaped bag which conveniently fulfills your ultimate need to carry all your imperative supplies. Moreover, space and volume they offer are perfect to fit the needs of every woman (or even man!) Bucket bag looks like a bucket. The top remains open, but it might have a flap or a drawstring at times. It is also used as a backpack at times. Bucket bags look uber cool because they’re usually composed of leather or other strong material. It is usually decorated with studs, beads, gold chains, fringes, or other embellishments.

What is a side purse called?

What is a side purse 


A side purse is a sling bag. It is usually very small in size and usually has a strap which is carried on one side. Side purses have become style statements for women of all ages across the globe. For those who like to keep it simple, side purses are available in cheap prices and offer everlasting durability. It is immensely satisfying to use side purses and carry them around.

What is the difference between a satchel, tote and hobo?

What is the difference 

between a satchel, tote and hobo?

Tote Bags: A tote bag is a rather large and spacious bag which often remains unfastened. It has parallel handles which add to the comfort of carrying it around. Tote bags are usually used to carry several things at once. Tote bags are usually worn on the shoulder but they can be worn on the crook of your elbows as well.

Hobo bags: The hobo bag is a kind of a handbag which is typically large and has lots of room. It is usually in a crescent-like shape. Hobo bags have an adjustable strap, the length of which can be customized according to your requirements. They’re usually made up of stretchable materials which allow you to easily carry them around. Materials such as faux leather, suede, canvas etc. are preferred by several women. Hobo bags are extremely popular since they can bend and fold. They also take an appealing shape when they are left hanging.

Satchel bags: A satchel, on the other hand, is a bag which has a strap. It often has a long strap which goes diagonally across the body. It is now worn by men and women as a fashion statement. They are structured as their shape is usually very definite and rigid. The satchel bags can maintain their shape despite being kept on any platform. This makes them extremely versatile.

Nowadays, bags are a lot more about making a fashion statement rather than as a utility. They can easily add a chic accent to your outfit and complete your look instantly. They not only come in numerous textures, patterns, colors, materials, embellishments along with different straps, but it’s also hard not to find one that speaks for your personality. You can easily find a bag which expresses your style through your bag. Be it tie-dyed cotton, faux leather, suede, bags with fringes, criss-cross detailing, gold embellishments, chunky studs – you name it. There is something for every kind of person. Whether you’re looking for the perfect bag for a concert or if you’re looking for something minimalistic yet elegant, you can easily find a bag for every occasion.