10 Perfect Color Combinations

Matching your outfit tone and color can either enhance or demote your looks. You might feel uncomfortable when it comes to trying out new styles or colors, but it not mean that you have to always stick to the same style over and over. This article will guide you through different color combinations that will make your outfit more exciting and attractive. From bright green and yellow to sweet pink and grey. These fresh ideas will show you how to match different colors without compromise. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

  1. Green and Yellow

    Yellow & Green colors combination

    Nothing is more memorable than a scent of fresh summer grass. Color combinations as well. Green and Yellow work on all skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, try to aim for Mustard Yellow or Khaki with bold green. For those with cooler skin tone, go with bright yellow with olive green.

    To make this pair even more fabulous, grab your yellow blazer coat and match it with a grayish jean skirt and add a bright shirt and green accessories. Contrasting colors will make your winter outfits stand out even in the summer! Remember to keep it simple and don’t be afraid to try it out with different clothing and accessories.

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  2. Blue and Pink

    Colors combination - pink and blue

    The signal of spring comes with blue and pink pastels. With the right pick, they can turn heads as much as the brighter alternatives. These light color combinations will make you feel the flowers and the breeze of spring.

    Choose a blue cashmere sweater with a pink jacket to create a look that melts the remaining winter. Instead of all black outfit, try adding candy pink pastel with some accessories to make you look fierce yet feminine. These colors work best with white high heels.

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  3. Red and Blue

    Colors combination: red and blue

    Red and blue are our all time favorite. We love how you can change your entire look with jeans, red jacket suit and stilettos. Just like when you wear a business top and party as bottom. It can make you sexier without trying. This color combination works well with both professional and casual outfit.

    And then there are striped shirts – an inspired look from Paris that you wear a red blazer with jeans. Another option is to add under layer with white shirt to brighten the red and blue even more.

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  4. Navy Blue and Forest Green

    Colors combonation: forest green and navy blueMatching navy blue and forest green together and you get a bright, powerful pair. This combination provides a feel of class and luxury. You don’t even need to contrast this out with middle tone like white or cream. This pair shines with your silver or gold accessories. There is no limitation to your imagination.

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  5. Orange and Blue

    Orange and blue colors combinationOrange and blue combination is the perfect core to bright outfits matching. Blue pants with orange tops, or try out different pieces. Try pairing brick orange with strong blue. No matter which way you choose with this combination, make sure you put your best nude shoes. Tie everything together and you are now as bright as the sun.

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  6. Tan and Maroon

    Colors combination: tan and maroonTan with a middle soft tone is a difficult pair that can make you look pale yellow and end our style, but if you match tan with the luxurious maroon you get a heavenly matching pair. The key to make this pair exciting and works great on any skin tone is to make sure that you choose the right material and color. Try out striped flannel skirt that matches with a satin tank top. While fashion might be instructing you to go with the same color from top to toe, this is another look that plays outside the rules.

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  7. Orange and Black

    Colors in style: orange and black

    Doesn’t matter that it’s a perfectly matched dress or a single piece, orange and black combination is the new trend. No other colors can compliment black as much as bright and strong orange can.

    Don’t be shy to put on your bright and blinding pants, together with a cropped top to show off your figure, or try it with a loose tucked in sweater.

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  8. Pink and Grey

    Colors: gray and pink

    Pink and grey combination is the look of beauty that can be dressed all year long. There is no limit on how you match these two charming colors together. Something as simple as a pair of bold grey shorts and light pink top are adorable. Mix them with your favorite accessories and this year is all yours.

  9. Purple and Coral

    Colors: purple and coral

    Coral was once adored as lipsticks for grandmas. But it is currently a trending color of Ita Buttrose. It is also titled as one color with most varied shades. Pair your purple and coral clothing to ensure it’s your summer to remember.

    Coral brightens up any skin tone, also the the dark themed purple contrasts the dress to make it not too warm. Try mixing up your coral shirts with purple handbag and shoes, along with your gold accessories.

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  10. Pink and beige

    Colors combination: purple and white

    Even though beige matches with mostly anything, pink is the color that enhances beige. This combination brightens up your skin and express your feelings. This pair shines with silver or gold accessories. Dress up for an afternoon tea or even night party with your friends!