5 Organic / Cruelty-Free Brands You Will Love

There seems to be an endless list of organic brands. The brands featured here are picked and loved by our founder Veronica Race. 

1. Znya Organic

Znya Organic only uses natural organic ingredients. The brand’s founder was a former chef so she handpicks only natural and best ingredients. They are USDA certified and have won many awards in more than 24 countries. 

Znya Organic

2. Hug Organic

We are in love with their lavender body lotion, but you can find a wide range of products – shampoo, lotion, essence oil etc. 

hug organic

3. Ira Natural

Ira means earth or the protector of the earth. It communicated the brand’s vision to create products that are eco-friendly. Our pick is the mango and sticky rice lip balm flavor. They also use eco tube as some of their packaging. 

4. Diamond Grains

Diamond Grains doesn’t use dairy, butter, eggs and bleached flour. You can enjoy their natural granola without worrying about harmful ingredients for your health. 


diamind grain

5. Borboleta Bag

When we design and produce Borboleta bags, we don’t do it as the owner of the brand, but also as a customer. We look at a woman’s lifestyle and come up with pockets and different functions for the bags. Every Borboleta bag is cruelty-free and ethically-produced in our own workshop. The materials are premium grade canvas and buttery soft and durable vegan leather (premium microfiber, not PU, an innovation from Japan). Our leather bags are waterproof, and 30% lighter than genuine leather. You can carry your Borboleta bag all day and it won’t give you a back pain.

A part of proceeds from every bag goes toward breakfast and educational programs for hill tribe students in Northern Thailand. We strongly believe in using business to improve lives of everyone – our customers, our employees, and underprivileged students!

 (worldwide shipping) : https://bit.ly/2Ga4Es3

vegan leather handbag


We hope you like our recommendations. Please comment below to share your favorite brands. We would love to hear about them!