5 Tips for Choosing the Bag of Your Life

Think back to getting dressed this morning. Was the sun up? Did you wake up at your first alarm? Did you just throw on the first outfit you found, without any input from your personality, values, or self-image? Think again.

The psychology behind how we dress proves that the statement, “Oh this old thing?” is far from accurate.

Your style reveals a great deal about your personality. Each fashion choice, from dress to earrings to bag, reflects who you are and how you want to be perceived. According to a study in Psychology Today, people make quick, off-the-cuff judgments about your success based on how you dress. Even small changes in clothing style have a bearing on how people view you. The moral? Choose carefully.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, author of “You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You,” discusses the psychology of dress: “The worst clothing is the kind that tries to undo, ignore or hide where or who you are.”

So what statement are you making with your fashion choices?

Make sure you’re giving an accurate picture of the real you with a bag that shows your personality. Find your dominant trait among the Big Five personality traits below, and match it with the bag that expresses your uniqueness. It’s time to meet the bag of your dreams.

  1. Creative

Love meeting new people and learning new things? You’re a free spirit who dreams of traveling the world and embarking on the next exciting adventure. You’ll take wild variety over drab routine, any day.

Your fashion style is: Style setter.

Your best bag: Select a bag that represents your daring to embrace the cutting-edge.

<<Florence, Italy pic>> Travel the world with a Mini Treasure Leather Bag to hold your travel essentials.

<<Stop and Smell the Roses pic>> Stop and smell the roses sporting a striking Lunette Bag.

  1. Goal-Driven

Are you a master of organization and planning? Your dominant characteristic is conscientiousness. Your friends describe you as reliable and prompt. You aim high in everything, and your career success proves it.

Your fashion style is: Classy and sophisticated.

Your best bag: Go for a bag that’s as polished and put together as you are.

<< Unisex Canvas Diaper Bag inside view pic>> Pockets galore to organize your clutter-free life.

<<Demilune Leather Bag 2 pic>> A Demilune Leather Bag to encompass your productive lifestyle.

  1. Life of the Party

Does spending time with other people energize you? You’re an extrovert. Friendly and fun-loving, your social confidence radiates around you.

Your fashion style is: All about turning heads.

Your best bag: Shoulder a bombshell bag that’s bold and dramatic.

<<Lips-clutch-crossbody pic>> Make an impression with this eye-catching look.

<<Flashy sequined blue pic>> Show off your assertiveness with this fun Sealed with a Kiss Clutch.

  1. Agreeable

Compassionate, friendly, and cooperative, you have few people on your enemies list (very few).  Other traits you humbly display include: helpful, considerate, warm-hearted, and sympathetic.

Your fashion style is: Sleek and simple.

Your best bag: Choose a chic bag to match your easy-going, minimalist nature.

<<Stairs pic>> A portion of Borboleta bag proceeds go to feed children in Thailand and improve lives.

<<Vegan handbag pic>> Compassionate hearts love this vegan handbag.

  1. Confident

Comfortable in your own skin? You sport a vivacious, bubbling personality. Unencumbered by worry and doubt, others can visibly see you’re courageous and self-reliant.

Your fashion style is: Fresh and forward. You look lovely in breezy, alluring pieces.

Your best bag: Dare to go brazen. Grab a bag that’s zesty, sparkling, and sassy.

<<Mini Lunette leather bag pink + flowers pic or Passion Clutch>> Take it up a notch with a vibrant new look.

<<-Fuchsia pic>> Go fearless and undaunted in fuchsia.

It’s time to have some fun and embrace your individuality. Explore bold new realms on the fashion spectrum. Set off the new you with flair — handpick the bag that accentuates who you truly are.