Bags for the Minimalist: Find the Bag That Fits Your Minimalist Lifestyle

Perhaps you have read Marie Kondo’s book, or perhaps you are inspired by another minimalist philosophy. No matter what, you are on your journey to minimalism. You are making leaps and bounds in decluttering your living space, your mind, your body, your emails, your spending, and your carbon footprint.

Whatever your minimalist goals, the core philosophy is to remove distractions so you can make room for what’s important. According to widely heralded Minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, “Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom.”

And the steps to minimalism are clear: Simplify, simplify, simplify.

So how do you find a (cute) bag that fits your new minimalist lifestyle, without introducing more clutter?

The answer lies in the reason you you chose minimalism. What you are striving for? Once you figure that out, you can uncover the best bag for you.

Check out these 5 benefits of minimalism to discover the bag that embraces your new way of life:

  1. Less physical belongings

    If your purpose is to stop living under our culture’s worship of the almighty dollar, you’re addressing your chronic stuff-itis. You’ve realized that living with intentionality means exposing and disposing of waste, and keeping it from re-entering your life.

    Get back to basics with the Maya Clutch. A clutch just for your essentials. It’s the minimalist way.

    personalized clutch

    Many pockets and compartments to organize your things.

  2. Improved finances

    After so much decluttering, you now think more carefully before purchasing new items, asking yourself first if you really need it. You work hard to keep old habits from re-emerging.

    And the results are encouraging. Aspiring minimalists often report new levels of financial freedom as they focus on buying nothing but the essentials.

    Transition from day to night with the Mini Treasure Bag. One bag for many occasions.

  3. Freedom from mental clutter

    When you dispose of history you’re holding onto, you’re free to make a meaningful contribution to today. To be present and in the moment. Weeding out negative thoughts, unhealthy friendships, blaring technology notifications, and other non-essentials vying for your attention unearths a healthier mental state.

    Like hidden “junk drawers,” pockets hide unsightly necessities and preserve clean lines to keep your mind free and clear. Check out the Ivy Tote – with 8 pockets to organize your life! Support your clutter-free mantra and give order to your new way of life.

  4. Individual growth

    Clearing out excess means better time management. Purposeful time consumption gives space to focus on individual growth. That creates room to uncover lost or forgotten hobbies, to boost your health, to upskill, or to make a move toward your dream career. When you have the capacity to pursue your dreams, you achieve a better you.

    Boost your health: Pack your gym essentials and healthy snacks in the Lyla Canvas Tote.

    Support and grow your new interests with a bag that fits the new you. Try the Demilune Canvas Backpack on for size.

  5. Improved Relationships

    With less physical belongings, there’s room for improving your relationships. A purposeful lack of clutter leaves you free to be fully available to those you care about. Just ask Millburn: “Empty spaces allow us to focus on ourselves and the people around us—to find ourselves in spareness—not in the things we’re constantly trying to take care of.”

Credit photo: Iza from Darling it’s Wunderbar

Free of superfluous fluff, this Mini Treasure bag shows the world where your priorities lie – in the necessities, not stuff . Collecting experience is more important than collecting things.

So go ahead and grab the bag that encompasses what matters most, and let go of everything else.