Behind the scenes of your Borboleta bags.

Behind the scenes of your Borboleta bags.🧵🥰😘

พี่หนูหวาน และ ทีมงานฝ่ายผลิต Borboleta


Every bag is made with love and care. Borboleta maker team is comprised of Thai artisans with at least 15 years of experience. Every bag is export quality. We have exported our Borboleta bags to more than 50 countries and counting.



Borboleta takes good care of our maker team. They have higher than standard pay, have great benefits with health insurance. They are working in a safe and comfortable place. We take them on company trips. And we make sure they are happy. We believe that charity begins at home. On top of donating part of our proceeds to educational and breakfast projects for underprivileged students around Thailand, we also take care of our maker team. We believe happy makers make happy bags. And in turn makes happy customers. Our goal is for our maker team to grow along with Borboleta and to make sure their lives are better everyday.



Our maker team asks us to thank each and everyone of our customers for supporting our bags and for sharing with their friends and their families about our bags. This genuine way has helped Borboleta grow year by year, and in turn we can hire more artisans and give them better lives. Since Covid started, many have lost their jobs and we have been able to help hire more artisans. Since we have been growing, we could give them good pay and good benefits. They said they are so grateful to have high salaries and able to save up and also pay their old debts. They said comparing to their friends’ lives they are in heaven. And this is only possible because of our beloved Borboleta customers. Please accept our sincere gratitude.


Our goal is to be more than just a bag brand. We believe in using business as a tool for social change. Thank you for supporting Borboleta.

We are all sending you love. Let’s grow together!

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