March Charity Project: Emergency Home for Women

Our charity event this past Saturday went very well so we would love to share with you some details of it.

As you know a part of proceeds from every Borboleta bag goes to funding charitable causes. This month we picked Emergency Home for Women to give back. This home is for women who were abused, raped, mentally ill, or pregnant when not ready to seek refuge. We have to take care of fellow women, right? 🙂

There are about 35 women and 15 children currently at the Home right now. 

When we spread the word about our charity project, some customers donated money to contribute to this event. So the total of donations we received (both from Borboleta and customers) is 41,949 baht (around US$ 1,319.88 )!

This incredible amount allows us to give a set of shampoo, soap, conditioner, lip balm, face mask, alcohol gel, body powder to each woman (total of 35 sets) and to give some cash to each women for their own personal use and to donate to the Emergency Home for Women for their operational costs. 

The things we donated:

Snacks, dolls, story books, alcohol gel, fans, baby lotion, liquid baby soap, and clothing.

Donations (both things and money) are handled by the Ocean of Wisdom Foundation and The Emergency Home for Women, so you can be sure that 100% goes straight to the cause and to those in need.

Two things worth mentioning:

  1. We booked this event about a month and a half in advance. With the Covid19 situation that’s going on, we took every precaution to push ahead with this event. We didn’t want to cancel on them. 
  2. We had to conceal the women’s and children’s faces for their safety. Some escaped an abusive marriage and some were rape victims so it’s best to not reveal their identities. The faces you see here are our faces (admins at Borboleta) and the employees at the Emergency Home for Women.

Lunch menu:

Chicken rice

Spaghetti meat sauce

Mango with dipping sauce

Krispy Kreme donuts

Frizzy drinks

Our chef started to prepare the food since 4 AM so that the women can eat fresh food (not refrigerated and reheated in the morning). A little note – we wanted to offer them vegetarian menu to keep with our policy of cruelty-free but the Home asked us to provide them with what the women want to eat (they are not vegetarians). So our apologies to our vegetarian and vegan customers. We had to provide the food that the receiver will be happy eating. 

Behind the scene photos of Borboleta admin team preparing the donations and gift baskets until almost 11 PM the night before the event.

Borboleta bag truly believes in using business as a driver for social change. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of our customers for supporting us and for making this world a better place together with us. Let’s grow together. 🙂

With love,

Veronica & Borboleta team