A Material That’s Better Than Leather?!

What’s the secret to our super lightweight yet roomy leather handbags?

We call it scientific leather (a Japanese innovation). When you touch it, it is buttery soft like leather and has the same texture. It is very durable (lasts more than 10 years) like leather. I even showed this scientific leather and genuine leather to my friend and he had no idea which one was genuine and which one was made in the lab. It is superior to leather because is so much more lightweight and it’s waterproof. Plus it’s 100% cruelty-free.


Customer Highlight: Leah Yard Designs

Some may say that running your own business is similar to riding a roller coaster – a lot of ups and downs and full of surprises. One surprise for me is that Borboleta would connect me to so many wonderful, like-minded entrepreneurs all over the world. Some became my friends. Some even visited me when I lived in the US, in Italy and in Thailand. Some I haven’t had a chance to meet (yet!) but came to admire. Leah is one of them.
Leah is a talented jewelry designer based in Vancouver, Canada. I asked Leah to share her experience running her own brand on our blog, because learning from and growing with each other is a fundamental belief at Borboleta.

Let’s Get to Know More about Vegan Leather

Cruelty-free fashion trend seems to be on the upward trajectory and a lot of brands are riding the wave. But how do you know if the materials used as leather substitute are high quality or not? Just because you want to be animal and planet-friendly doesn’t mean you should settle for less in terms of quality. There are a lot of low quality leather substitutes, such as PU or PVC, currently in the market. We have done our research and switched from genuine leather to a material that is superior in every way – scientific leather. Let’s discuss the particulars of scientific leather and also about other leather substitutes in the market. This way you’ll become a more informed buyer, no matter what brand you end up buying.