5 (No-Brainer) Fashion Tips for the Gal Who’s Too Busy for Fashion

From the world’s perspective, you’re living the dream. Your talents, ambitions, and drive have taken you to the top of your game. And your schedule shows it. Businesswoman. Mommy. Mompreneur. College student. You’re in such demand that you can’t remember the last time you had a moment to yourself.

But when it comes to clothing choices, are you showing your best side? Take a minute to think about what image you’re portraying to the world. Do you show up out of breath each morning after trying on a mountain of clothes? Are you insecure in your ability to make fashion pairings?

If you’re ready to escape that last-minute scramble, start with these 5 easy fashion hacks for the gal who’s too busy for fashion:

  1. Cut down on decisions
  2. Whether it’s a t-shirt and jeans or a frilly skirt and top, once you find a look that works for you, stick with it. In a culture inundated by choice paralysis, it’s the smart way to go. Just ask art director Matilda Kahl, who realized she was tired of being late because of wardrobe indecisiveness. After one fateful day arriving to work frazzled, with her shirt inside out, she decided enough was enough. She solved the problem with her own self-designed work uniform: 15 white silk shirts and some black trousers, set off by a simple leather rosette at her neck. The results? Increased focus and productivity.

  3. Unlock the power of comfort
  4. Want to know the ultimate, deceptively simple fashion tip? Get comfortable.That’s it. Just be yourself. The trick is, you can pull off just about anything with some swagger. And confidence follows comfort: Transform a clean button-up shirt by rolling the sleeves. Take your favorite shirt from mundane to light and casual with a half-tuck. Cuff your jeans to draw attention to sassy shoes.

  5. You can’t go wrong with accessories
  6. Accessories are an easy way to go from meh to breathtaking with a little extra effort. Give any look an instant refresh with a striking statement piece. Introduce color or patterns with a flaunty scarf. Boost your go-to outfit with a chic new bag.

    The ultimate accessory: A vibrant bag that transforms any outfit.

  7. Go monochrome
  8. When in doubt (or in a hurry), go back to basics. Solids are your friend when you’re running out the door with negative five minutes to spare. Get past closet confusion by eliminating color and going neutral. Some options: You’re safe with grays paired with blacks. Or the fresh look of white on white, such as a crisp white shirt paired with a white blazer.

  9. Dress up with dresses
  10. Insider Tip: Stock your closet with dresses. The ultimate appeal of dresses for the low-key gal is that your outfit is already completed for you. Plus, you look like you took it up a notch before you’ve even started. From classic shift dress to casual maxi to romantic sundress, let your personality shine with minimal stress.

    Once you learn how to have fun with fashion – instead of being intimidated by it – you can use it as an opportunity for creative expression. (And let’s face it – how many chances do you get in a day to be creative, on your own terms?)