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Women designer bags by BorboletaⓇ

Borboleta® is a women's handbag brand started in 2012. Borboleta means butterfly in Portuguese. Butterfly resonates with the concept of our brand, which is to create lightweight, beautiful handbags for women with on-the-go lifestyle. All our bags are cruelty-free (made from vegan leather) and ethically-produced. Borboleta bags have been loved by customers in more than 50 countries and counting!Every purchase helps fund breakfast and educational programs for underprivileged students in Thailand.

Cruelty-Free, Waterproof and Easy to Clean!

We are PETA-approved and strongly believe that we should never hurt animals or the planet in the name of fashion. All of our bags are made from scientific leather. Scientific leather or vegan leather is a high quality material that is made 100% from microfiber. It is an innovation from Japan. This innovation yields the look, feel and durability of genuine leather, but better in a way that it is waterproof, more resistant to molds and 30% lighter than genuine leather.

Fashion x Charity

For every bag purchased, we donate to breakfast and educational programs for underprivileged students in Thailand through The Ocean of Wisdom Foundation.

5 Techniques for Traveling Safely Around the World

5 Techniques for Traveling Safely Around the World

“Investment in travelling is an investment in yourself” - Matthew Karsten

There are many good things about travelling, but there are criminals lurking on every corner of the world. 

In this blog we share some ideas with you Borboleta ladies about how to travel safely and avoid attracting attention to these criminals.

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Bags are essential when it comes to completing an outfit. Whether you pair them with a dress or with a pair of jeans and a jacket, they complete the look... Read More
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Beauty x Function

Breakfast and educational projects by Borboleta