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Borboleta® is a women’s handbag brand started in 2012. Borboleta means butterfly in Portuguese. Butterfly resonates with the concept of our brand, which is to create lightweight, beautiful handbags for women with on-the-go lifestyle. All our bags are cruelty-free (made from vegan leather) and ethically-produced. Borboleta bags have been loved by customers in more than 50 countries and counting!Every purchase helps fund breakfast and educational programs for underprivileged students in Thailand.

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Cruelty-free vegan bags

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Lunette Bag

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Fashion x Charity

For every bag purchased, we donate to breakfast and educational programs for underprivileged students in Thailand through The Ocean of Wisdom Foundation.

Our Story

Women’s Collection. Vegan Leather Handbags

Backpack, crossbody bags, wallets, card holders, makeup bags and more.

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Men’s Collection. Vegan leather

Work bags, wallets, crossbody bags and belts.

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Ethically Produced.

All of our bags are handcrafted in our own factory where local artisans are treated well and receive higher than average salaries and bonuses.

Customer reviews

Lovely purse the beige matches with any outfits I have and i love everything about it cruelly free and for a good cost.💓

Romanela on Mini Treasure Bag

หลังจากนำไปใช้งาน 2 วัน ต้องบอกเลยว่าเป็นกระเป๋าในฝันที่ตามหามานาน เนี้ยบทั้งวัสดุ การตัดเย็บ การออกแบบ ที่รู้เลยว่าคำนึงถึงผู้ใช้งาน ที่ชอบมากคือช่องใส่โทรศัพย์ที่พอดีมาก ไม่ตื้นหรือลึกเกิน ช่องใส่ของที่ครบทุกช่องที่ต้องการ ขอบคุณคุณน้ำหวานที่ทำกระเป๋าคุณภาพคุ้มเกินราคามาให้ใช้ ปล. ขอบคุณแอดมินที่ตอบทุกคำถามอย่างใส่ใจนะคะ

Dao on Lelawala Tote Size M

The wallets are beautiful with so many colors in the collection. I have them in gold and flame red and every time there is a new color release, it is very tempting to add some more in my collection. The wallet can keep so many cards and also keep my 2 mobile phones. Very nice and highly recommended.
Waiting for version 3.0. Very excited.

Risa on Jolet wallets

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