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                                                                                        Handbags  You'll Feel Good Using

                                                                             Chic, plenty of pockets and super lightweight

                 & every purchase helps fund breakfast and educational programs for underprivileged students

Ethically Produced

Every Borboleta bag is made in our own airy workshop where experienced makers are treated fairly and equally as other team members. And they enjoy good benefit and happy workplace. After all, happy makers make happy bags!

Cruelty-Free Bags

We truly believe that fashion doesn't have to hurt the makers, the animals, and the planet. We use scientific leather (100% microfiber, not PU or PVC) - an innovation from Japan. 

This lab leather is buttery soft, 30% lighter than genuine leather, and is waterproof! 

Every Purchase Helps Fund Breakfast and Educational Programs

From the blog

Customer Highlight: Leah Yard Designs

Customer Highlight: Leah Yard Designs
Posted on
Some may say that running your own business is similar to riding a roller coaster - a lot of ups and downs and full of surprises. One surprise for me is that Borboleta would connect me to so many wonderful, like-minded entrepreneurs all over the world. Some became my friends. Some even visited me when I lived in the US, in Italy and in Thailand. Some I haven't had a chance to meet (yet!) but came to admire. Leah is one of them.
Leah is a talented jewelry designer based in Vancouver, Canada. I asked Leah to share her experience running her own brand on our blog, because learning from and growing with each other is a fundamental belief at Borboleta.

Limited Edition: Lovebird Collection

Limited Edition: Lovebird Collection
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We are so excited to announce our collaboration with one of our favorite illustrators - Oana Befort - to bring you the one of a kind bag - The Lovebird Collection.

One bag will provide 30 school meals for underprivileged students in northern Thailand

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