6 Tips to Care for Your Handbags

6 Tips to Care for Your Handbags

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep your handbags looking like new for a long time? 

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      ♥  Today we will share with you 6 tips to keep your bags fresh and looking young (like you!).

►You should keep your bags in dust bags (made from cotton). One good feature of a cotton bag is that the air can go through but dusts can’t.

Mini Treasure - Borboleta Bag“ควรเก็บในถุงผ้ากันฝุ่นแบบนี้นะคะ”

► Never keep your bags in plastic bags. Leather can get crisp because plastic doesn’t let air in. You also should switch to different bags to make sure all the bags get enough sun and loving (versus just sitting in closet).

► Keep your bags away from the wall and wallpaper. In the summer heat, paint can chip and get attached to your leather bags.

► Take your bags out of the bags at least once a month, even if you don’t plan to use them. You can let them sit for a few hours enjoying fresh air in the house, but never under the sun.

Use cream or lotion that are for leather to coat the bags once in a while. Test a small spot on the leather first to make sure the cream won’t stain the leather.

stuff paper or cloth in the bags to keep shape. Leather can crease if the bags are not stuffed.

It can be difficult and time consuming to care for genuine leather. This is why here at Borboleta, we use scientific leather (100% premium microfiber) that is very easy to care for (plus it’s cruelty-free!). This leather is waterproof and doesn’t stain easily. It looks and feels just like leather, but 30% more lightweight. No more back or shoulder pain even if you carry your Borboleta bags all day.

Every purchase helps fund breakfast and educational programs for hill tribe students.

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We hope this article was helpful. Please share with us your own tips!


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By getting your very own Borboleta bags, you are a part of changing lives of hundred of students. Thank you for joining us in this wonderful journey.

No matter which type of leather bag. The bag is like a friend. For storage of important things. Know this Keep the bag together.