Choosing the right bags for your body type

Bags are no longer just a carrier anymore, but rather accessories. Choosing the right ones will up your game when it comes to style. We have had some customers asking us which bags are good for their specific body type. Today we are sharing our thoughts on this topic. Please read along and leave us a comment about what you would like to add to it. 🙂

Let’s dive into it!

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Women with curves should avoid short strapped bags

Try using a bag with a longer strap and let it hang around your waist area.

Because shorter straps will congest your chest area, making you look packed on the upper half and not balanced. 

So, a simple fix is adjusting your strap to be longer. 

Also, do should avoid very small bags (like tiny small ones).

Somebody might say “Wait…. I’m not a small person. If I also use a big bag, won’t I look massive?”

Perhaps that’s true. That’s why you should choose a bag that is not too small, and not too big to maintain the ratio of your body and your bag.

Women with bigger hips should avoid wearing big bags to conceal your thighs.

Don’t try to conceal them with a big bag. This will only draw more attention to the area.

Instead, choose a medium-sized bag and wear it just above your hip area.


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Petite women should try not to use large bags.

For smaller girls, go for a medium size bag. It makes you look more balanced. Try to avoid bags that are too large because they would cover too much of your body making you look even smaller.

Tall and slim women

Should not adjust the strap of the bag to be too long. As for the size of the bags, going for a medium size (not large) is the way to go. 


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We hope that these 5 techniques will act as a guideline when it comes to choosing your next bag. However, we are all for women wearing or carrying whatever you they feel like and whatever make you feel beautiful!  

Do you have any more ideas? Share them with us!

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