Matching bags and shoes

You don’t always need new clothes to look good or memorable. Changing your bag or a pair of shoes can make a big difference. However, matching these two is not an easy task. Do you think that your bag and shoes have to be made from the same shades and materials? Wrong. Designers are telling us to break outside of the box and be more creative. Nonetheless, it is good to keep some rules in mind to stay beautiful and classy as you are.

Practical advice

Basic rules

  • Match a different material pair. Let your imagination loose and have fun on new combinations.

  • Matching printed designs with base color. A floral bag can lose its charm if your shoes use the same pattern. Make your bag stands out with red base shoes. In the meantime, floral patterned shoes look perfect with a based tone bag.
  • Metallic leather and matte surface. Choose your bag and shoes on the same shade but made from different materials and in different patterns, such as matte shoes with metallic bag. You can match your beige or brown shoes with your diamond gold or bronze bag. White shoes also work as well with gold handbags.

Important information you need to know

How to choose the correct style for your bag that match with your boots? Well, these days are no rules anymore. Casual goes with formal and vice versa. A dress can be worn with sneakers, or casual clothes with high heels.

Another idea is to look at size and shape. For example, you can match a pair of lady shoes with a circular bag in an event but business shoes that have no pattern matches perfectly with geometric shaped bag. Remember, warm tones go well together, as well as cool tones.

Choosing a basic combination of shoes and bag
  • Black shoes and bag
  • Brown shoes and bag
  • Beige shoes and bag
Types of bags

  1. You can always match a soft leather bag with any boots
  2. Clutch bags, clip bags or small sized bags go well with more formal shoes. If you are looking for a match for your stilettos, try looking for a thin or clutch that comes with a long strap.
  3. Working shoes look best when paired with a big rectangular cloth bag.
  4. Ankle boots or flat boots look good with a cross body bag.
  5. Weaved bags work well at a beach or going for a walk downtown. Try going out with a pair of open toes.